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    The Amsterdam Chainsaw Bicycle by Van Wanten Etcetera.

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    Haha nice

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    From 1931 to 1936 polish traveller Kazimierz Nowak, travelled on his bike and by foot across Africa covering a distance of ca. 40,000kms.

    One year after his return he died of pneumonia as a consequence of malaria and general exhaustion. 

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    I love every single thing about this.

    Oh my yes.

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    Bike and lock in one


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    Nice? Im not sure.

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    surfboards racks

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    Norwegian artist Markus Moestue transformed three humble bicycles into this ferociously awesome Dinocycle. The dinosaur’s body, which is modeled after a Coelophysis, was carved out of polystyrene and coated in fiberglass. After completing his creation, Moestue took his creature for a ride around southern Norway.

    According to VG News the raptor bicycle is now up for sale. The bids immediately began rolling in, however Moestue isn’t really concerned with how much money people are wiling to offer. He’s much more interested in finding someone who wants to do something particularly interesting with this wonderfully unusual bike.

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