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    Rungu Juggernaut Three-Wheeled Bike is ready for sand and snow

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    The Derringer Electric Bike!

    The Tesla of electric bikes; it could revolutionize urban transport… too bad it will cost more than the 1984 Honda Nighthawk that I am getting.

    Motor: 2000 Watt direct drive or geared brushless hub
    Range: ~ 
    48 km (30 mi)
    Top Speed: ~ 45 km/h (28 mph)

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    The photo works, cause he’s got a hype man with a headset, who countdowns his blastoff from stoplights. T-minus…


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    2014 San Francisco New Belgium Tour de Fat

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  7. "Love riding with clipless pedals? Hate carrying extra shoes around? Still want foot retention? Two hours to back!: https://t.co/9xt5LBXJyk via @revoltpuppy"
  8. Fuck Yeah Weird Bikes turned 3 today!

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    The Electric Comfort Bicycle - Hammacher Schlemmer

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    The Amsterdam Chainsaw Bicycle by Van Wanten Etcetera.

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    Haha nice

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    From 1931 to 1936 polish traveller Kazimierz Nowak, travelled on his bike and by foot across Africa covering a distance of ca. 40,000kms.

    One year after his return he died of pneumonia as a consequence of malaria and general exhaustion. 

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    I love every single thing about this.

    Oh my yes.

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    Bike and lock in one